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Agriculture has always been one of YANMAR’s primary industries and focuses. Our diesel engines have been powering sustainable agriculture initiatives for over 100 years. As we move forward into a new age of sustainable diesel energy, this will continue to be a focus of our business. Because of this legacy, it is important to make sure that your knowledge of YANMAR tractors is up-to-date.

As one of our Curriculum Developers Joe Thomas says, “Regardless of your position, take every opportunity to learn, gain experience, and grow personally and professionally. Don’t sell yourself short, and you may surprise.”

The courses are split between tractor series, so that students can focus on the differences between the two SA and the YT series, how to care, troubleshoot, and repair each and how to ensure that potential customers are paired with the model that best fits their needs.

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NEW: SA-Series Tractor Sales Training

1.5 Day Course Includes:

  • Highly Interactive
  • Product specific- machine functions, competitive features
  • Product walk-arounds
  • Talking points
  • Sales tactics

Course Description: The 1.5-day SA Tractor Sales Training Course is designed to provide the critical tools and techniques needed equip sales representatives from YANMAR dealer groups with the knowledge on the YANMAR SA Series tractors. Using classroom interaction, sales representatives will learn about competitive analysis, sales techniques, and SA tractor’s Features/Benefits. Hands-on activities in the classroom and demo field will show how to highlight the value that YANMAR SA tractor provide and help develop a system for product demonstration. The course will close out with role play opportunities to help sharpen the skills developed through the course and build confidence in customer interactions.

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SA- Series Tractor Testing, Troubleshooting & Repair

2.5 Day Course Includes:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Hands-on demo field time
  • Catered lunch
  • YANMAR//Academy graduation certificate (upon successful completion)

Course Description: This SA-series training class focuses on preparing the technician for the common service and repair needs that they will face in the field. This class covers diagnostic techniques, while also providing them with the tools they will need to educate the customer about maintenance and service intervals and procedures. The course also provides the student with the opportunity to learn through doing. Our qualified instructors teach transmission care, wet brake replacement, fuel injection pump replacement, and the dis/reassembly of all major components through a carefully designed hand-on curriculum.

YT class tractor

YT3 Tractor Testing, Troubleshooting & Repair

3.5 Day Course Includes:

  • Classroom instruction
  • Hands-on demo field time
  • Catered lunch
  • YANMAR//Academy graduation certificate (upon successful completion)

Course Description: The YANMAR YT-Series training course was designed with one goal in mind – to empower technicians with the knowledge and skills that they need to support the customer. The course covers multiple learning objectives, from providing information regarding the scheduled timing for required maintenance and service intervals and procedures, to quick diagnostic strategies.  The hands-on portion of the course contains trouble shooting, disassembly, reassembly, and repair of most major components, as well as the ability to visually learn how each individual part is integrated into to machine.

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YANMAR Tractor classes at a glance.

The first course offered focuses on the SA-Series. The SA series is geared toward the land owner that needs a small tractor with optimum flexibility, the ability to work tight corners, and complete the sharp turns it takes to keep crop rows neat. Because of the popularity of this series, it is important for the dealer, technician, and owner to have a comprehensive understanding of maintenance intervals and procedures. This class takes the student through the care of all major components and prepares the sales technician to match the customer with the tractor that most closely satisfies their needs.

The second class moves on to bigger things, literally. The YT series tractor are bigger, more complex machines, and therefore this course lasts 3.5 days instead of the SA’s 2.5 days. YT owners need more power, to cover more ground and to complete more difficult jobs. Students will learn to trouble shoot, repair most major components and gain a thorough understanding of how YANMAR-made accessories are integrated seamlessly into YANMAR tractors.

There is power in education. Top-of-the-line technology requires top-of-the-line technicians. Top-of-the-line equipment is sold by top-of-the-line sales staff. Top-of-the-line education is found at the YANMAR Academy.

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