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Jim Fontana Headshot

Jim Fontana// Manager – YANMAR Academy

Industry Experience: 25 years in the automotive and equipment industries, including 13 years with YANMAR.

Message to YANMAR dealers: In this day and age of electronics on engines and equipment, its easy to get tunnel vision when trying to diagnose an issue. Don’t overlook the basics.

If you could own any piece of YANMAR equipment what would it be and why? The YANMAR Remote Controlled Helicopter, just for fun.

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, watching sports

Bill Morgan

Bill Morgan // Learning Systems & Development Specialist | YANMAR//PowerTrain learning system

Industry Experience: I have over 35-years of industry experience working with engines, utility, construction and mining equipment. This includes working in a training capacity with engines producing from 25 to 4,000 horsepower. My training career has led me around the United States, and to over a dozen other countries. I have lived and worked abroad in Russia and Japan for several years.

Message to YANMAR dealers: The cost of training your employees is less than the cost of not training them.

If you could own any piece of YANMAR equipment what would it be and why? I would own a standby YANMAR Diesel Generator to provide electrical backup during power outages.

Hobbies: My hobbies include continuing education and travel.

david long headshot

David Long// Technical Training Instructor

Industry Experience: I have 33-years of military service, Active Duty Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard and Air Force Reserve. My active duty spanned 17-years between the Army and the Air Force. I also have 10-years of commercial experience as a field service representative for mobile water purification systems and 20+ years of instructional experience in that field.

Message to YANMAR dealers: I believe that a living curriculum that caters to the changing needs of our customers is necessary for all parties involved to be successful. Communication with dealers and service techs is vital to ensure that our curriculum remains dynamic.

If you could own any piece of YANMAR equipment what would it be and why? SA 424 Tractor with loader, backhoe, bush hog, and stump grinder for hobby farming and small jobs after retirement.

Hobbies: Acoustic guitar, corvettes, fishing and trivia.

Eric Shaffer

Eric Shaffer // Technical Trainer for High Speed Commercial Marine

Industry Experience: I have been working with diesel engines since 1974 in many different industries, including owning my own diesel engine repair business for 16-years. I have been working with YANMAR engines since 1979, as a YANMAR dealer and even a YANMAR competitor. However, I have been a happy member of the YANMAR team for the past 16 years.

Message to YANMAR dealers: I enjoy working in a training capacity because learning goes both ways. I learn from my students, just as they learn from me. Training allows me to meet new diesel engine professionals and stay up-to-date about what is happening in industry.

If you could own any piece of YANMAR equipment what would it be and why? I would like to own a pair of YANMAR 6AYE engines. Because, if I owned a set of these, I would also own a large vessel to put them in and could enjoy life on the water.

Hobbies: Since moving away from the ocean, my hobbies have moved away from the sea and into the air. I am a licensed pilot and enjoy flying full-sized and model aircraft.

joe thomas

Joe Thomas// Energy Systems Instructor/ Curriculum Developer

Industry Experience: I have 20-years of experience as a civil engineer in the U.S Air Force specializing in electronics, electrical power systems, power generation, HVAC systems, diesel/gasoline/natural gas engines, hydraulics, PLC and electronic control systems, training and curriculum development.

I have been with YANMAR for 2-years in the Energy Systems division, focusing on VRF and CHP web-based training curriculum development, in-resident curriculum development, and curriculum instruction.

Message to YANMAR dealers: Regardless of your position, take every opportunity to learn, gain experience, and grow personally and professionally. Don’t sell yourself short, and you may surprise yourself. The day you stop learning is the day you die! When life gives you lemonade, make lemons…the world will be like, WHAT!!

If you could own any piece of YANMAR equipment what would it be and why? CP5WN and NNCP096J. Reliable systems that can lower energy costs and is an environmentally cleaner alternative to standard power distribution and comfort heating and cooling systems.

Hobbies: Whatever I want to dabble in today!

John Boyd

John Boyd // Service Training Instructor for YANMAR construction equipment.

Industry Experience: I have 30 plus years of experience in equipment maintenance.

Message to YANMAR dealers: Send your technicians to our YANMAR training courses and we will improve their skill sets and increase their value to your team.

If you could own any piece of YANMAR equipment what would it be and why? I would own a VIO 35 Excavator. There is so much that you can do with a machine like that, and I want to rule my backyard!
Hobbies: I love to long range shoot, and to garden.

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