The YANMAR//Academy is engineered to ignite collaboration between YANMAR dealers and Academy trainers through hands-on, immersive learning that shares our global company’s industry-leading expertise in repair, diagnostics, maintenance, customer service, sales and sustainability.

At the heart of the EVO//Center is the YANMAR//Academy, a year-round technical training program taught by industry experts to help empower, grow and strengthen our national dealer network.  Encompassing six dynamic classrooms with state-of-the-art training bays, YANMAR//Academy is a powerful resource to help our dealers develop talent and drive profitability and improve your customers overall sales and service experience.

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About YANMAR//Academy.

The EVO//Center was designed with more in mind than the promotion of the YANMAR dream of a sustainable future. The support we show our dealers and technicians extends far beyond a handbook and a contact number. Without your success, we cannot succeed. We are a partnership, and it our successful partnership that results in an end-user that is more than just a happy customer, but a loyal and repeat customer as well.

It is this partnership that inspired the creation of our world-class dealer and technician training program – YANMAR//Academy. This year-round training program provides multiple classes, designed and taught by industry experts, to empower students with all the knowledge they need to service and repair a large variety of YANMAR products. We seek to instill the ability to properly troubleshoot and diagnose equipment issues, so that the same thought processes can be applied to multiple products. By empowering our dealers and technicians with these hand-on skills, we grow and strengthen our already expansive dealer network. In addition to our already best-in-class program offerings, YANMAR America is adding staff focused on curriculum development to add additional technical courses, as well as business management courses for sales, marketing, service, parts, finance and other business needs.

Each class is designed to immerse the students through hands-on learning in the areas of repair, diagnostics, maintenance, customer service and sustainability. The YANMAR//Academy consists of eight schools; six focused on dealer training, one on employee training, and one dedicated to customer training.

Our students are taught in one of our six dynamic classrooms specific to YANMAR’s six product areas: agriculture equipment, construction, energy systems, engines, marine engines and utility vehicles. Each class contains all the technological resources needed to help our dealers recruit talent and drive profitability across their businesses. Each classroom is also equipped with state-of-the-art training bays and individual direct access to our demonstration grounds. The demonstration grounds allow our instructors to hold excavator or skid-steer classes while simulating true-site conditions in a hand-on, real-world environment.

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What they say.

“We feel training is important to our organization because it comes down to investing into our most valuable asset (our employees) it allows sales, parts, & service to strengthen their skills to help improve the overall customer experience and expedite any questions or concerns that a customer may have.”
-Bryan Davie
Vermeer Southeast

Marietta, Georgia

“The best part was the overall knowledge I walked away with. Our Instructor, Jim Fontana was awesome! I was really impressed with how new and nice the facility was. All the areas of the YANMAR//Evo Center were great. We got to tour the museum area and that was excellent.”

Casey Brock
Crosspoint Power and Refrigeration
Indianapolis, Indiana

“Academy training has helped increase my confidence and taught me to listen to my gut more often.”

Anthony Bennett
Elberta Hardware
Elberta, Alabama

“The most effective part of this course was the hands-on aspect and the chance to get on competitor equipment and YANMAR equipment.”

Chris Campbell
Vermeer Maryland
Annapolis Junction, Maryland

“The instructor is articulate, he is constantly moving across the board, he waits for the answer, and is very approachable. He’s able to relate his life experience into real-world, real-time application.”

Jack Dottavio – Dealer Principle
Carolina Equipment
Fairview, North Carolina

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